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God Bless the Irish.  I have never been more proud to have Irish heritage than right this moment.

I know someone famous

Checked out the list of 12 Cuddly Bookstore Cats on Buzzfeed just now, and low and behold, there was Alice at number two with her cohort Cleo from the Manhattan Dusty Bookshelf.  She didn't seem so deer in the headlightsish in that photo.  Whenever I see her, she looks like she's coming down from a spectacular high.
It's days like this that make me really miss Bedford Farms.  You people don't know what real creamery ice cream is all about.  Ben & Jerry's doesn't count.

Goodness gracious alive

Ermahgerd, I had a salad just now made from lettuce that I grew in my very own raised bed.  And it was DELICIOUS.  I don't eat many salads at home (Craig don't eat no rabbit food and I get the feeling half a bagged salad would rot away before I got to it) but oh, it was crispy, tasty and gosh darn it I made it myself.  Really.  Too bad none of my tomatoes were ripe to put in with it...soon...soon...

For pretty much every woman I know

One of my new favorite websites. http://bustygirlcomics.com/tagged/comics Just about as perfectly accurate as it can get.

So much more where that comes from...

The parents are coming!

Yay my parents are visiting!  They'll be here the week of the 25th if anyone wants to say hi or hang out.  They'll be staying here in Lawrence at the Eldridge and will finally get to see the house!  And Cas!  I'm soooooo happy!!  Yay!

Nuff said

One very important thing I learned about myself this past week: I know all the words to Whitney Houston songs.  And not only do I know the lyrics, I can sing every single note.  I haven't heard some of those songs in at least 20 years, but gosh darnit I remember them.  And I LOVE them.  Those songs from the 80s, golly, jammin around in my bedroom with Barbie in her finest gown getting ready to cruise around my bed in her beautiful silver Corvette...damn fine memories.
Well, for some strange and inexplicable reason I am starting veggie seeds again.  I'm trying the same tomatoes and bell peppers I had last year without the hanging basket tomato, because I'm tired of fighting the squirrels for the plants.  I have some of the 'flowers' that Craig bought me for Valentine's Day started too, the cup and saucer vine and sweet peas for the hanging basket that the squirrels always dug the tomatoes out of.  And because I can't help myself, I'm trying to grow living stones and succulent plants from seed again.  I have some passion flower seeds soaking right now and some double purple datura that I'll be trying to grow for the containers on the back porch.  I'm using the two big pots that the ancient jade plant had been in for tomatoes which frees up at least two of those tomato pots for the cup and saucer vine, which I hope will be growing along the rock wall of the storage room this summer.  The rest of it will be direct sown into the flower boxes (mini butterhead lettuce, mini pumpkins, peas)  and raised bed (beans, carrots).  I'm going to try the Inspire melon again, the two that I got off of it after it cooled down last summer were really good, so hopefully the Farmer's Almanac is correct (it was about this winter) and we'll have a mild summer for growing a plethora of veggies. (Yes I know what a plethora is)  I'm going to do the herbs in the grill again, but instead of putting poppies in there, I'll be putting poppies in the raised bed to attract pollinators and hopefully get some poppy seeds for baking.  And if the neighbors don't spray any herbicides again this year and the weather gods are kind, I hope to have beautiful, non warped and non stunted plants producing grocery store quality food.  One of these years that gosh darn degree will work in my favor.  Not like y'all cared, but there ya go.

so weird

I don't know how many of you know, but I do NOT like Bradley Cooper.  He seems to me to be a stuck up, I'm handsome and I use it to your disadvantage, I'm better than you kind of guy.  I'm almost to the level of treating him like Edward Norton, refusing to see any of his movies and the like.  So the other night I had a dream in which he and I were stuck together on a college campus running away from people trying to kill us.  And I STILL didn't like him in the dream.  It was like my brain was trying to convince me that he's really not a bad guy.  And now every page that I open online has an ad for Netflix with a headshot of him staring at me through the internet.  Why am I not allowed to dislike Bradley Cooper?!?!?